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Building on Buildings, Self-titled debut album. Release date: 10.14.14

Building on Buildings, Self-titled debut album. Release date: 10.14.14

Building on Buildings is a four-piece band calling Madison, Wisconsin home. Like a cloudy afternoon,
sun-punched in just the right places, they find a smile in sadness, never neglecting the sadness in the smile. It's the sound of black coffee with a brandy chaser. Of corduroy and cashmere. Of sparse sonic spaces and electroplated shimmer, fused among close friends.

The ensemble's self-titled debut was recorded in fall 2013 and spring 2014 at Justin Vernon's April Base studio in Fall Creek, WI. Produced by Jaime Hansen (S. Carey, Amateur Love, DeYarmond Edison) and Building on Buildings, the album finds its beauty in disparate voices layered atop lush, introspective melodies. Its an album that pairs well with a single glass of scotch, solitude and the midnight hour. 

Building on Buildings will be performing throughout the United States in 2015 in support of the debut LP. 


Erin Fuller - vox/guitar
Eben Christensen - keys/bass/guitar/vox
Kris Hansen - bass
Shawn Pierce - drums


Release Details

  • October 14, 2014: digital distribution across all major platforms
  • October 15, 2014: CD available at 10.15.14 Communion Live performance
  • October 21, 2014: CD available on band website and at select music stores 

Track Listing
1. Dress (4:44)*
2. The Fall (4:31)
3. If/Then (3:58)
4. Ghost of a Friend (4:27)
5. I Suppose (4:08)
6. Ohio/Peshtigo (2:27)
7. Filled Lungs (4:08)
8. Invoice (2:12)
9. Chicago (3:22)
10. Wheel (4:50)*
11. Sharpshooters (5:31)

* album single


Despite being a fairly new ensemble, BonB has already opened for nationally recognized touring acts such as Warpaint, S. Carey, Tennis, The Sea and Cake, Family of the Year, Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats, On & On, Savoir Adore, Field Report, The Whigs, Water Liars and Caroline Smith.  


While a significant part of the album was recorded last spring, the music emanates the sort of melancholy that accompanies winter's lack of sunshine. The record's no dirge, though. It bites like a cold wind, but it leaves you feeling warm.

The band create this haunting yet healing environment from the get-go, with opening track "Dress." Ward's alto is powerful and expressive, much like Neko Case's. It demands attention as it cuts through the atmospheric instrumental intro with "My dress is heavy... With each thread that I pull/It wears me out."

A different variety of gloom suffuses the second track, "The Fall," which features Fuller on lead vocals. This song feels less ominous and more personal. At times it's dreamlike, with yawning guitars, brushed drums and lush supporting vocals from Christensen and Count This Penny's Amanda Rigell.
-Jessica Steinhoff, The Isthmus


Building On Buildings’ first album shows that mild-mannered rock can say a lot about becoming a sadder, wiser grown-up. On “Wheel,” Erin Fuller’s vocals and Connie Ward’s conversational guitar phrases channel a great weariness. There’s a bit more optimism in songs like “The Fall” and “Ghost Of A Friend,” but even those come with the unmistakable feeling of leaving things behind. Although Fuller and Ward still feel like the center of the band, all five members contribute here to shaping a variety of really cool arrangements, from the electronic beats of “Sharpshooters” to the stormy dynamics of “I Suppose” and “If/Then.” 
- Scott Gordon, Tone Madison


Singer/guitarists Erin Fuller and Connie Ward write songs that feel gentle and vulnerable on the surface but have a hard-bitten undercurrent—it's music by and about 30-something and distinctly adult struggles.
- Scott Gordon, Tone Madison


Connie Ward and Erin Fuller carry a small dose of dissonance but put forth a big share of soft wondrous harmonies in Building on Buildings' newly released single, "Wheel." The Madison quartet's self-proclaimed "gentle indie rock" sound is calm and reflective — something that should take listeners to an intimate place to discover untouched thoughts.
- Lee Gordon, Jonk Music


When it comes music, it can takes years for a band to develop their own perspective and voice. Building on Buildings' self-titled three-song EP has the warmth and rough edges of a first demo, but the perspective is already there. Graphic designer Erin Fuller and photographer Connie Ward write, sing and play as if they're long-lost pieces of the same puzzle, finally able to show the full picture.  
- Brent Stewart, The Isthmus


With a name that invokes the icy Berlin school of electronic music, Building on Buildings rebuke that cold imagery with a warm, dense sound. The voices of Erin Fuller and Connie Ward sleepily collide over layered guitars on "Wheel," the sumptuous first single off their upcoming full-length. 
- Ben Munson, The Isthmus


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